northwoods methodist preschool

Northwoods Methodist Preschool, a ministry of Northwoods United Methodist Church, was established in 1968. We have successfully grown into one of the best all-around early childhood programs in our area.   

We share God's love to all the children while we offer an active learning curriculum that addresses the total learning needs of your child (social, cognitive, physical, creative, and spiritual). Our program features nurturing, experienced Christian teachers, and small personal classes. Our philosophy is based on the following:

         •  Young children are curious and eager to learn

         •  Young children learn best when they follow their own interests

         •  Young children learn best when engaging in "hands-on" activities

         •  Young children learn through play, which is their work

For information please contact:

Northwoods Methodist Preschool at

910-346-9725 or message us on FB


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For information about programs and registration, please visit our Preschool Website:

Tours available by appointment:

Please call 910-346-9725 to arrange a tour. You can also message us on our Preschool Facebook page.

Follow Northwoods Methodist Preschool on Facebook:  circlefacebook

Registration Information.

  • Registration fee; $100 for Preschool
  • Registration fee; $75 for Parents Morning Out
  • All children who attend Northwoods Methodist Preschool must be immunized and up to date with their immunizations
  • Registration can be completed online via the Northwoods Methodist Preschool Website:

parent's morning out

Children may be enrolled one or two days per week for our Parents' Morning Out Program. It is available weekly, Monday through Friday. Drop off starts no earlier than 8:50 am and pick up is from 11:45 am – 12:00 pm. Children ages 9 months to no older than 2.5 years by August 31 of the current year are eligible to be enrolled.

Registration fee is $75 (non-refundable)

Punch-cards are available for purchase in the Preschool Office. 

8 day punch-cards are $160 and 4 day punch-cards are $80.

Inquire in the Preschool Office at the time of punch-card purchase for more details.

We want to provide your child with a warm, comforting environment full of tender loving care!

Please call 910-346-9725 or message us on FB for additional information.